3 Back to the Future Part II Props For Photo Booths

Whether it’s set in the 1980s or the 1990s, most people love going to a themed party. If you’ve chosen the 80s for your party – a great choice – then you know it’s a decade that is filled with iconic films, TV shows and musicians. However, Back to the Future is one of the standout editions. No matter where you are in the UK, a photo booth hire is needed for any 80s-themed party.

Sky Sports reports that the cast of Robert Zemeckis’ fan-favourite series reunited at Fan Expo Boston. With the 33rd anniversary of the first film’s release this year and rumours continue to circulate around a possible fourth instalment, here are three pieces of memorabilia that would complete the experience in a booth.



Everybody knows that Marty McFly could handle a skateboard in the first film, but when the character ‘borrowed’ a hoverboard from a child in Back to the Future Part II and used it during a chase scene it made everyone – from film fans to skaters – excited about the future.


Grays Sports Almanac

Grays Sports Almanac was a central plot point in the second film, but no doubt fans went out and purchased a replica version for their own shelves. You will know that everyone will jump at the opportunity to take a photo holding the item that changed the promising future in the film to a bleak reality run by Marty’s main adversary, Biff Tannen.


News Clipping

Speaking of bleak realities, fans will remember the moment where Marty returns home to Hill Valley only to find that Biff has used the Almanac, started a winning streak and eventually opened Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel. Most people will feel nostalgic when they see the Hill Valley Telegraph’s news clipping and the headline that reads “Biff wins again.”