Corporate Photo Booth Hire

Our Corporate Photo Booth Hire Is The Perfect Addition to Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate photo booth hire is a trend that is rapidly gaining popularity among companies looking to host successful corporate events. A Planet Booths photo booth provides a fun and interactive entertainment option for guests, creates a sense of community, generates brand awareness, provides a lasting memento, and can be used for social media. If you think that your event would benefit from one of our high quality photo booth experiences, then we would love to hear from you.

Entertainment for Your Guests

One of the main reasons companies should consider corporate photo booth hire is that it provides entertainment for guests. A photo booth is a fun and engaging activity that encourages attendees to interact with each other and creates a lively atmosphere. The photo booth experience is not only entertaining for guests, but it also provides a great opportunity for employees to bond and network with one another.

Building Community Through Shared Experiences

Corporate photo booth hire can help to create a sense of community among attendees. When guests step into the photo booth, they are often drawn into the fun and engaging experience, which encourages them to interact with each other. This interaction leads to a greater sense of camaraderie and connection among guests, which can help to foster a positive and supportive community at the event.

Photo Booth In Action

Promoting Your Brand

Corporate events are a great opportunity to promote a company’s brand, and corporate photo booth hire provides an excellent opportunity to do just that. Photo booths can be branded with logos, slogans, and other marketing materials, which help to increase brand awareness among guests. The photo booth experience can also serve as a platform for companies to showcase their products and services, making it an effective marketing tool for promoting your brand.

Lasting Memories of Your Event

Corporate photo booth hire provides a lasting memento of the event for guests. The photos taken in the booth serve as a physical reminder of the occasion, which guests can take home and display in their homes or offices. This not only provides guests with a cherished memory of the event, but it also helps to promote your brand in a subtle yet effective way.

Corporate Photo Booth Hire Prints

Reaching a Wider Audience Through Social Media

Finally, corporate photo booth hire can be used for social media, providing additional marketing opportunities for companies. The photos taken in the booth can be uploaded to social media by your guests, increasing reach and engagement for your brand. This helps to extend the reach of your marketing efforts and gives you a chance to connect with a wider audience, which can be particularly valuable for companies that are looking to increase their online presence.

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