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Birmingham & West Midlands Flower Wall Hire

Our beautiful foliage and flower wall backdrop is the perfect stunning backdrop for your photo booth hire experience. In fact, it’s such a lovely wedding decoration that many brides are hiring our beautiful flower wall both with or without the photo booth.

West Midlands flower wall hire is a trend that has become very popular among brides for their wedding day. Not only does it add a beautiful and romantic touch to the overall ambience of the wedding, but it also serves as an eco-friendly and much more affordable alternative to traditional floral decorations.

The use of green foliage, complimented with white roses, wisteria, and hydrangeas, in a flower wall creates a natural and organic aesthetic. The green foliage also serves as a neutral background, allowing the bride and groom to incorporate other colours and elements into the decor.

Another benefit of using a west midlands flower wall hire for your wedding is that it can serve as a beautiful backdrop for photographs or as a focal point behind the top table.  The lush green foliage and delicate white roses, wisteria, and hydrangeas provide a romantic and elegant setting for the couple’s wedding photos. The flower wall can also be used as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony or reception, creating a stunning visual for the guests.

In terms of cost, an artificial west midlands flower wall hire will always be more affordable than creating a flower wall from real flowers, and you’ll be surprised how realistic it looks, blending in perfectly with any real flowers you have decorating your wedding venue.  This is because the use of green foliage and local sourcing can reduce costs, while also providing a unique and beautiful decoration.

Our stunning flower wall is now available for all-day and half-day hire with or without the photo booth.  So if you are looking for a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, or would love a feature wall behind your top table, then come and talk to us about our West Midlands flower wall hire.

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