3 Budget-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours are a sweet gesture to give thanks to your guests on your big day, but they can end up being an expensive extra. Of course, everyone will want a print of their photo from your wedding photo booth hire!

Cosmopolitan recently published a list of their own wedding favours, but we wanted to list a few of our favourite favours, and some that don’t cost the earth!


1. A DIY Wedding Soundtrack

Before the age of streaming music services, we all used to create mix-tapes or made CDs of favourite tunes, especially to give to someone special. Why not create a CD of songs that reflect your relationship, or from memories of your single days with your friends?

The secret to this one is the presentation. Make a pretty design or label for the CD, and the envelope you package it in, that matches your wedding theme.


2. Tasty Popcorn

Popcorn is super easy to make or buy in bulk, and it’s a great light snack for guests to munch on if they get peckish. It’s simple to get cellophane bags from craft stores, or cute popcorn boxes printed with the details of the big day as a souvenir.


3. DIY Candy Buffet

Everyone loves pick’n’mix sweets, so why not set up your own. Buy bulk bags of sweets online, or from wholesalers, put them out in pretty boxes, buckets, or trays, and provide bags for everyone to help themselves grab their favourites!

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and your guests can certainly make lasting memories by taking advantage of a deluxe wedding photo booth, available to hire in the Midlands, so get in touch today!