For couples who had planned their dream wedding for 2020, it can be devastating to have to cancel or postpone. It might not actually be the end of the world, but after all the hard work and organisation of the big day, it may certainly feel like it.

Now, as more people scramble to reschedule their weddings, as new guidance is revealed, the are a finite number of Saturdays in 2020 and 2021 available to book. While a weekday wedding might not seem ideal, there are some incredible benefits to having a wedding on the weekend.


  1. Weekday weddings are typically easier on the wallet

With Saturdays being the most popular day of the week for weddings, it also tends to be the most expensive. The demand for a Saturday wedding drives up the cost of every facet of the wedding industry, from venues to food, to photography.

As for weekdays, they can be perfect for anyone with a smaller budget, plus many wedding vendors and venues may add incentives to fill less popular dates, which is a win!


  1. You’re more likely to secure your dream venue and vendors

Again, the popularity of Saturdays means you’ll be lucky even in the most ideal of conditions to secure that dream venue. But there’s a high possibility you can score a booking for weekday openings. And the same can be said for florists, photographers, and even hotel bookings for guests.


  1. You can choose a fun theme – or a popular date!

Three words – Taco Tuesday Wedding. Ok, maybe that’s not everyone’s dream wedding, but just an example. You could include any theme you desire, perhaps just something fun, or something that has significance to you both. Let’s try again… Thirsty Thursday Wedding?

Whatever day and date you decide on, don’t forget your wedding photo booth hire in the UK!

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