3 Star Wars Masks Needed For Any Photo Booth

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a kids’ party, there will be one person – if not a few – that will love anything to do with Star Wars. It has reached people across different generations and is always one way of starting a conversation – and keep it going on for a while. If you’re looking to hire a photo booth in the UK, then it’s time to customise it with a Star Wars theme.

Here are three masks that can create some memorable photo opportunities.


Darth Vader

It’s an obvious one, but there’s a reason why Darth Vader is on here: he’s one of the most iconic characters in the franchise. Just think about when you’ve seen someone dressed up as the Sith villain in public and you’ve wanted a picture to post on your Facebook or Instagram.

Now you can do that with your friends and family, but it’s even better for the fact that you can wear the mask.



It’s probably a character that the more hardcore Star Wars fans will know, but they will no doubt enjoy the effort put into having a mask at the booth.

Many have heard of the famous controversy that is ‘Han shot first’. If not, it’s where the bounty hunter Greedo confronts Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Solo shot Greedo in the film, but the scene was later changed by director George Lucas in subsequent re-releases.

You could recreate the scene if you bought some blasters or you could simply show some love for the alien bounty hunter.



Everyone has wanted to wear a stormtrooper helmet at some point. If you buy more than one, then you could show your photo to other people and have them guess who’s who behind each mask.