3 Top Wedding Trends For 2022

This summer is set to be a bumper wedding season, after the disruptions of the past two years. One advantage of this is that there has been plenty of time for plans and preparations, and weddings are now more diverse occasions than ever. Here’s a round up of what’s new and different for 2022.


Retro 1960s weddings

The 60s is a decade that never really goes out of style, and this year, that enduring love affair is extended to weddings. According to Etsy, A line mini dresses will be popular, as brides look to emulate the spirit of Mary Quant with shorter hemlines.

To keep the youthful kitsch theme going, you could play favourite 60s hits (on vinyl of course) and incorporate the funky pinks and oranges of the era into your colour scheme. You could also consider a deluxe booth photo hire in a beautiful retro oak encasing, which is itself worthy of any photograph album!


Micro or maxi weddings

The micro trend was born of necessity during the pandemic, but according to Elle, the idea lives on, with many couples inviting only the people who matter most to them.  On the other hand, others are taking the go hard or go home attitude, and having a big bold occasion that says a firm goodbye to rules and restrictions.


Regency style weddings

The popularity of the Netflix show Bridgerton has led to a surge of interest in the Regency aesthetic. This means we can expect to see brides wearing gloves, puff sleeves, pearls, and embroidered dresses, with square cut necklines and beading details.

Elegant 18th century wedding venues will no doubt be in great demand this year as couples seek to evoke the mood of the era. No doubt the appeal lies in the romance and escapism offered by an age so very different to our own.