3 Ways To Use Social Media With A Wedding Photo Booth

When you’re attending a wedding, you’ll take plenty of photos to capture the special day and to share it with those who couldn’t be there. If you hire a wedding photo booth, then you have a real opportunity to be fun and creative with how the pictures are used on social media. Here are some awesome ways of sharing those photos across different online platforms.


Twitter Moments

If you’re an avid Twitter lover, you’ve probably documented the build-up to the wedding over several months. So, why not use Twitter Moments to show all your followers – and the world – some of the highlights from the big day? You can timeline anything that relates to the event or you can curate your own online photo album by tweeting those pictures and adding captions to them.



Your Instagram page is the place most people will access photos from the wedding. After all, the platform is made for posting pictures. Once you have access to your photos, why not customise them with Instagram’s various filters? It will allow you to be imaginative in sprucing up photos while not losing the charm of people acting like themselves in the booth.



Your Snapchat is going to be filled with photos from the wedding. At some point, however, it will take its toll on your phone battery. Instead, you could use Snapchat like Twitter Moments and upload photos manually to your story or send them individually to your friends. If you really want to show off, share them in a public story and let anyone across the world see how much entertainment people – from adults to kids – had in the booth.