There are all sorts of different ways to get hitched, whether you want a huge traditional ceremony or something small and simple at your local registry office. But one of the more interesting and alternative ways to say your vows is to do so as a big surprise for all your friends and family.

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces if they showed up at your engagement party only to find themselves at your actual wedding! If you want to have a big shindig but don’t want to devote months of your time to planning, a surprise ceremony could be the best way to go about it… but you will still need to do a little bit of organising in order for it to run smoothly.

Of course, you’ll want to keep it all a big secret but you will need a few people on your side, so perhaps put together a list of those you can trust to help with the organising and keep it all hush-hush, like your parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. You’ll also need to make it clear to your vendors that it’s a surprise wedding so they don’t accidentally let anything slip.

You’ll also need an important occasion as a cover story to make sure that people actually come to the event, so an engagement party is a good choice, or a milestone birthday. Any old casual party idea may mean fewer people are compelled to attend.

The big reveal is one of the most important parts of a surprise wedding, naturally, so give it quite a lot of thought. Perhaps the easiest way is to announce it in a small speech to all your guests once everyone’s arrived and mingling with cocktails in hand.

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