5 Ways To Display Your Photo Booth Pictures

Is there anything more fun than sorting out deluxe photo booth hire and snapping all sorts of weird and wonderful pictures with your best friends? But what should you do with all the photos you have at the end of the night? Here are some awesome ideas for what to do with the snaps so you can enjoy them for years to come.


Protect your home furnishings from irritating water marks while reliving some of the best moments of your life by turning your photo booth snaps into coasters. It’s a win-win!

Fake tattoos

Treat your mates to a little surprise by getting your photos turned into fake tattoos. Pop them in an envelope and send them in the post for some fun snail mail that’ll earn you some serious brownie points.

Huge posters

If you’re at a wedding or birthday party, you’re sure to take hundreds of shots in your photo booth. Why not ask your friends to lend you the pictures they took so you can curate them all in one massive poster that’s sure to have everyone laughing every time they come over for a cup of tea.

Fun mugs

Looking for the perfect present for someone? Find a photo booth snap with them on it and have it printed onto a mug. Or a t-shirt. Or a hat… whatever takes your fancy!

Make a calendar

What could be more fun than taking your favourite 12 images and making a calendar out of them? These would also make perfect presents so remember this at the next gift-giving opportunity!