5 Wedding Day Responsibilities To Delegate

There’s enough to think about on your wedding day without worrying over logistical details. In the days running up to the big day, make a list of your tasks and responsibilities, and assign them to your attendants, parents, and groomsmen.

You’ve done all the major planning, and likely had to rearrange plans due to the restrictions in place during the pandemic, but you deserve to be stress-free on the day of your nuptials, from start to finish, so here are five things to delegate.


  1. Carrying Personal Items

No one can go anywhere without their phone, charger, debit or credit cards, so gather a small bag of essential items you can trust to one of the wedding party. A snack or two would also be handy!


  1. Keeping Track of Your Rings, Marriage License and Vows

You should divide up these ceremony essentials between your trusted attendants well before the ceremony, so you know you have everything you need.


  1. Telling People Where to Be and When

Having to inform everyone of where they should be and when will be stressful, so ensure that your attendants, groomsmen, and wedding planner are calling the shots, organising seating, and corralling family and friends for the group photos.


  1. Running Last-Minute Errands

If someone has left their phone charger or wedding attire at the hotel, or the boutonnieres need picking up from the florist, or perhaps your makeup artist needs a sandwich, then you need a runner to get those last-minute tasks done.


  1. Updating Social Media

After all the effort you’ve made in arranging your wedding, you will want to show it all off on social media, especially for all the friends who were unable to make it. But avoid the temptation to be posting to Instagram on the day. Assign a social media savvy friend to keep the socials updated.


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