6 Top Tips For A Sustainable Wedding

Weddings are a special day and not something that anyone wants to compromise on, so we look at some tips for planning a sustainable wedding.

The world is much more environmentally aware than ever, and terms such as ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainability’ have become far more than just buzzwords, evolving into daily practices to help reduce harmful emissions, reduce waste, and help save the planet for future generations.

If you’re planning your wedding, sustainability has become an important feature for many couples, and a strong selling point for vendors at wedding fairs. But weddings are a special day and not something that anyone wants to compromise on, so we look at some tips for planning a sustainable wedding.


  1. Think about the distance to your venue

It is your big day, and you deserve to have the venue of your dreams. However, you may want to consider the distance that people will need to travel. For example, a destination wedding abroad involves flying, which is not only very expensive but contributes greatly to global CO2 emissions.

Similarly, a remote destination in the UK could mean that guests will need to drive for miles, extending the length of their day. In such a scenario, hiring a coach for long journeys will be better for the environment than all of your guests taking a car each.


  1. Switch out your decor

You may be surprised about how easily you can get beautiful decor that is environmentally friendly. For instance, use bamboo wood, and instead of balloons, use rice paper lanterns to provide a warm feel.


  1. Use petal confetti

Confetti is not biodegradable and after being used not only is it harmful to the planet but it’s harmful to wildlife too as some animals may end up eating it. Using petal confetti is a much better option and its gorgeous, light colours end up looking better than regular confetti.


  1. Fashion

The fashion industry is working hard to reduce its harmful ways, and there are some excellent ethical bridal wear designers out there, so take time to research where your fabrics are coming from, how workers are being treated, and check that it aligns with your values when looking for your bridal gown or suits.


  1. Invites

Depending on the size of your wedding you may find yourself sending out a lot of invites. Whilst some people may be okay scrapping invites altogether and switching to online invitations, most people will want something tangible to send out and have as a keepsake memory after the big day.

Try getting your invites done by someone who uses bamboo material or plantable paper. Not only is this sustainable but it also gives your guests something fun and quirky to do with the invitation after.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are another key part of a wedding, but for a more ethical take, look for a florist that will use seasonal and local flowers instead of blooms that are grown out of season and imported from far across the world.

With just a little forethought and planning, you can ensure that your nuptials are sustainable and environmentally friendly, while also being the day you always dreamed of.


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