A Look Back At The Top Wedding Trends Of The 2010s

A magazine recently compiled a list of the top wedding trends from the past decade and highlighted some of the ones that are expected to remain popular.

Every year there seem to be new trends in the world of weddings. But while there are fads that come and go – like naked cakes and donut walls – there are others that endure. Redbook Magazine recently compiled a list of the top wedding trends from the past decade and highlighted some of the ones that are expected to remain popular.

One shift that’s been pretty consistent in recent years is a move towards floral arrangements, bouquets and decor that include more greenery. Couples are increasingly choosing unusual plants to decorate their wedding venues too.

The publication cited data from Zola, which found that 20 per cent of couples who tied the knot in the past decade included succulents in their wedding bouquets. Statement floral arrangements also took centre stage elsewhere.

Among the trends that grew in popularity were flower walls, with 16 per cent opting for one of these features at their weddings, while 22 per cent chose to have hanging greenery at their venue.

Another trend that developed in the 2010s and looks set to stay into the coming years is signature wedding cocktails. According to the news provider some 85 per cent of couples are choosing to have special concoctions served up for their guests.

More and more couples are also choosing to lengthen their celebrations. Many are opting to host additional events around the wedding itself, creating a wedding weekend. In fact, three quarters of those getting married have added at least one extra event to their big day.

This can be as simple as a brunch the day after the wedding, or can be a little more elaborate like an after-party the night after the main event.

A growing number of people are also opting for adult-only weddings, with the news provider citing comments from Spectator which suggested that the rising cost of getting married is encouraging couples to slim down their guest lists.

Some 63 per cent of couples have decided to go down the no kids route for their nuptials in recent years.

This also links into another trend that Stylist recently highlighted: micro weddings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which currently means any large gatherings are off limits, more and more couples are considering a micro wedding.

While some couples have chosen to have small wedding parties to save money, many more are considering this option to enable their big day to go ahead, albeit with fewer guests. A micro wedding is defined as one that includes fewer than 20 people, in case you were wondering.

Hitched is predicting that micro weddings will be a big trend in 2021, with editor of the publication Sarah Allard telling Stylist that fewer guests doesn’t mean it won’t be a special occasion.

“Having less guests will allow you to really splash out on people that matter and create an unforgettable experience for them,” she said.

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