A Photo Booth Is WAY More Than An App

There are lots of people starting to get on the photo booth bandwagon now – that has been happening for a while which obviously is fine by us.

We want there to be plenty of them available for everyone to enjoy them.

When you are talking weddings it’s very easy for costs to mount up so many people are also looking to set up their own photo booth or selfie station.

Which again, doesn’t pose any problem, but what many people sometimes overlook is just how much work is involved in bringing it all together in a way which people really enjoy.

It’s easy to think that you can just pop an app such as this one onto your phone or iPad and put a few filters on it.

But one of the biggest tricks you’re missing with this is the opportunity for a huge amount of fun!

You don’t need to force a smile or say “cheese” when you have a Planet Booth Photo Booth because it just comes so naturally when you’re already laughing. You’re all having a ball anyway!

Trying to capture not only this moment of great fun but doing it in a way which you are happy with. makes a huge difference. We all know we can take a few photos on our phone and pop one of a kajillion filters onto it.

But that is nothing like capturing Auntie Beryl in a massive fruit hat or Cousin Julian waltzing around in Elton John style sunglasses kissing Marilyn Monroe.

The difference is the difference and a Planet Booth Photo Booth is no app – it’s the difference.

Ask your guests after your wedding if they wish you’d had a photo booth – go on – we dare ya!

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