A Photo Is Much, Much More Than A Picture

Yes we know we are a tad biased, given that our entire business is based on capturing peoples’ life on a lens.  But bear with us, because whether it is a wedding we are capturing or even just a shared moment that happens to have been snapped well, a photo has an unmatchable nostalgia of reliving that moment and remembering what that person or moment meant to you.

Photos are far more powerful than we realise.

Our brains do not know whether something is real or whether it is simply a conjuring of our mind,  so using a photo can be an effective way of reliving something precious to you or literally transporting you back to that place.

Whilst this is a far cry from a wedding photo booth hire, we loved how effective this trial had been in a Nottinghamshire Prison. It’s a testimony to how much a picture means to people and what a difference it can make.

HMP Lowdham Grange was praised by inspectors for installing a photo booth to allow inmates to take pictures with family members.  This was part of their efforts to make visiting their father a more positive experience for their families and children.

Ministers had highlighted the importance of prisoners being able to keep up relationships with their loved ones whilst behind bars. The prison’s operator, Serco, said the photobooth had been introduced in March last year due to evidence that bolstering personal relationships can reduce the likelihood of reoffending.  The Ministry of Justice revealed that research shows those who receive family visits are 39% less likely to re-offend

So maybe it’s a slightly different setting, but the benefits are still similar. They may not want to capture the fact that the picture was taken whilst in prison, but they’ll definitely want to liven up what could have otherwise been an unenjoyable time.

Add to that, that the whole family have a memento of them all together which will get them through their lives apart, we love the innovative use of a digital photo booth like ours.  

Just another great example of how creative you can get with a digital photo booth hire. If you’d like to read more about this trial you can find it here.