Caught on Camera!

Do you know what gets snapped the most in our digital photo booths?

We’ll give you a moment to guess,  and no, get your mind out of the gutter it isn’t XXX rated…

It’s kisses!  

Many of our photo booths are hired for weddings so it goes without saying that lots of people are particularly loved up on these most special of days.

But there’s something about a digital photo booth that brings out the mischief in people!   

Whether it’s a little peck on mum or dad’s cheek – usually with bright red lipstick of course to leave your mark – or a full-on, toe tingling, ‘popping’ smooch, here at Planet Booth we get to capture it all!  Oh – and if you’re wondering about the whole ‘foot-pop’ you can read more about it here.

But back to the booth – not only is the mischief in full flow but so is the love. Children will be grabbing all of their relatives to get extra kisses and pictures whether the rellies want it or not.  

Grandma may as well take up residence in the Planet Booth if she’s to look at how many of the grandchildren are going to sit on her knee for a silly kiss with wigs, boas and sunglasses too!

And it’s probably best not to mention just how kiss-happy the singletons get after they’ve had a few cheeky G&T’s too – but hey – it’s all in the name of fun – usually innocent but let’s save those stories for after the watershed eh!

If you’d like to liven up your special day with one of our digital photo booth wedding hires in the Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire or surrounding areas, get in touch with our team and we’ll happily help you.  Don’t forget to get your lipstick ready!