Corporate Events Needn’t Be ‘Only’ Corporate Y’Know…

It’s coming up to that season again, isn’t it. The dreaded summer party organising or maybe you are putting a corporate event together, which currently runs the risk of being a little dry…

If you are looking to add an element of fun to corporate events, then a UK deluxe photo booth could be just the ticket.

Many people forget that even the high flyers in life like to let their hair down a little.

But they don’t always know how to do it, especially around work peers. Having a little fun in a photo booth with your colleagues is a great way of really forging some healthy genuine relationships seeing another side to the people that you work with.

We are all human after all and a photo booth is a great way of showing just how human you can be when given the opportunity. (Especially if combined with a few drinks from the free bar wink, wink!)

We know we are making light of it as there’s far more to organising a well run event, than we’re letting on – we’re even helping you out on that score with this handy article for tips.

But what we’re saying is when you look at all of the factors of an event, quite often there is an opportunity for publicity to come from it so it makes sense to maximise that.

If you have a photo booth present at your venue and your attendees snapping what they’ve been up to during their brilliant evening you will get a fair bit of positive engagement and exposure (pun very much intended!) from the fun the attendees will have in the photo booth.

It would attract a far better return on your investment than you would with a very branded paid advertising campaign.

Just sayin’…