Couple Hold Surprise Wedding At Brewery

Amy Lawson and Darren Wood had been forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic but had organised an afternoon tea with close friends and family to mark the date they had been due to marry.

But when Darren’s grandfather died suddenly a few days before, the couple decided to not wait any longer, and plan a big surprise, reports the BBC.

The pair had chosen an outdoor area at St Mary’s Loch in the Scottish Borders, where Amy’s grandmother’s ashes are scattered, to have the family afternoon tea, but on checking out the area they found it was full of people and motorbikes, and decided against.

The couple, who met at school in Penicuik in Midlothian but got together 10 years ago, said they had several sleepless nights agonising over whether their parents would be upset at the surprise on Saturday.

The couple needed to find a location within the Scottish Borders – where their wedding license was posted – when Amy, a food and drinks rep, recalled buying beer from a local brewer at Broughton Brewery and asked if they could hold the humanist ceremony there.

She said: “We were over the moon and relieved when he said yes and we couldn’t believe we were actually going to be married after all.”

The couple managed to keep it secret until moments before when everyone could be told. “When we explained what was happening to everyone there was just complete shock and lots of tears – but thankfully happy ones,” she said.

There were 19 guests at their wedding at Broughton Brewery.

David McGowan, the owner of Broughton Brewery, said: ”We have never had a wedding here in the brewery. The brewery has a romantic history and this is a lovely romantic story, so it’s great they have chosen to have their big day here.”

The original wedding at the National Mining Museum Scotland for 120 guests will now be a big party in August 2021, where Amy will wear the wedding dress that is still stuck in Madrid, and their plans to honeymoon to South America have been replaced with plans for the Lake District.

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