How Much Would You Spend On Your Kid’s 1st Bday?

Of course, parents love to spoil their children and their first birthday is certainly a milestone that’s worth celebrating with friends and family… but just how lavish an affair do they need to be, considering that the little one won’t even remember it anyway?

We’ve just stumbled across this article on Yahoo Be telling the tale of an Australian mum who spent almost $13,000 on a first birthday party for her son Lachlan, with guests likening the event to a wedding it was that extravagant.

A waterside venue was booked with enough capacity for 125 adults and 50 children, with a special menu created for the kids including mini pizzas, sliders, salads and fish and chips. There was also a dessert station with tarts, mini eclairs, mango mousse cakes, macaroons, tarts and chocolate logs.

Everything was decorated with handcrafted crowns, balloons were everywhere and a professional photographer was on hand to capture all the fun.

Speaking to the news source, 31-year-old Jackie Lam said: “Everyone’s perception of what lavish is differs. Perhaps my son’s birthday was too much for some, yet maybe not to others. I’ve always loved parties or to find a reason to celebrate and go over the top. We may not have the deepest pockets but we believe where money is well spent and for the right reasons, we’ll make it work.”

All that being said, no party is ever complete unless there’s deluxe UK photo booth hire involved! This gives your guests the freedom to really let loose and be as silly as they like while making all sorts of memories – and we think they’re absolutely perfect for a first birthday party!