Do We Need A Photo Booth At Our Wedding If We Already Have A Photographer?

In short yes!  

Well, it depends on your ‘crowd’ to be honest.  

Would you like a stuffy and serious event with everyone being ‘awfully polite’?

If that’s the case then no, you won’t be wanting the fun that a Planet Booth Photo Booth brings.

But we’ll give you some honest advice as we see a LOT of weddings.

Most weddings have a range of ages and backgrounds, but one thing we do know is that wedding photographers are greedy!

They will hog a LOT of your time!  They tend to focus more on the family and more ‘staged’ shots, so it can take a fair chunk of your day to perfect the pictures you’re paying a small fortune for – and rightly so – pictures taken well, will keep you smiling way after you finished saying ‘cheese’.

But we always get this question and our answer is that a photographer and a photo booth are not the same.

If you think of the Planet Booth photo booth as an activity rather than a photographer, you’ll see that it’s a perfect way of keeping your cherished guests happy while you’re tied up with mingling and repeat snaps with the photographer.

The photo booth is more of an attraction for guests to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.  Weddings with photo booths get talked about and reminisced over for far longer, as it’s a way of bringing people together.

The added bonus is that when they have forgotten the day, they have a memento to remind them of it all over again!  If you’d like more information about how to hire one of our digital photo booths in the Midlands, Staffordshire or Shropshire simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.