Essential Props For Your Wedding Photo Booth

Building a prop box for your wedding might seem a little daunting so here are some tips on how to curate the perfect props that you guests will love to use.

Everyone loves a photo booth at a wedding reception, especially the box of props they can explore and play with to make a fun photo souvenir of the day. There might be many different aspects of a photo booth to consider, but it is generally the props that grab the guests’ attention.

While building a prop box for your wedding might seem a little daunting, to make sure your wedding day is one for all to remember, we have some tips on how curate the perfect props that you guests will love to use and dress up in!

There are some essentials, such as novelty sunglasses, a selection of funny hats, and signs, and you might have some ideas that are unique just to you, something with relevance to your big day and the married couple. Here are some things to consider.

Quality Props

The life expectancy of such props is bound to be low, and it’s pretty much expected that some will have magically disappeared by the end of the night. It might be tempting to save, but it is important to find just the right balance between props that don’t break easily and look great, and value for money.

Focus on the waist up

Keep in mind that the photo booth will typically only be capturing the upper half of everybody, so that means funky clown shoes and Hawaiian grass skirts will likely not be seen in the image, so go for props such as masks, hats, and glasses.

Bright and eye-catching

Brightly coloured, bold and big props are the ones that will make the most impact in the photos. You need props that stand out and are fun. Smaller inconspicuous props such as rings won’t get noticed. The more over the top the better!


Ensuring you have a good variety of different props for your guests means there will be more variety in the final photos, helping avoid them all looking a bit ‘samey’.

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