Fire Up Your Bonfire Party With A Photo Booth

If you are organising a bonfire party event you will need lots of things: Plenty of space, lots of wood, some fireworks, rope to keep folk at a safe distance, plus of course some food and drink facilities. All this needs to be done with plenty of safety precautions.

However, if you are organising a big party for November 5th – which falls on a Saturday this year – you may want to add some great snapshots of the event. That’s where photo booth hire in the West Midlands can add something special to the occasion.

Instead of the event just being a one-off moment that fades away as the embers of the fire glow and turn cold, it can provide memories of a fun evening of socialising.

This can be particularly fun to do if you are having a double celebration, such as someone celebrating a birthday in the first few days of November or even someone getting married.

Such pictures can capture folk all dressed up for the occasion, not in fancy party frocks or suits, but in warm autumn clothes that can still capture the occasion.

There are few better places than the West Midlands to celebrate Bonfire Night, for it was in the area that several of the Gunpowder plotters met their fate in 1605.

A group of the conspirators who had fled London when Guy Fawkes was arrested reached Holbeche House in Gornal, near Dudley on November 7th. They had more gunpowder with them, but rain had made it wet and they unwisely tried to dry it in front of an open fire.

A spark caused the gunpowder to ignite, injuring several and alerting the authorities. While some plotters fled, others were surrounded by troops and Holbeche House still bears the marks of musket fire from the ensuing shootout, before the surviving plotters were arrested and taken back to London to be hanged.

With a photo booth, your bonfire party could also go with a bang – though a rather safer one.