Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props

Photos booths are always popular at weddings, whether it’s a simple backdrop and a photographer with a camera, or a dedicated box where you can take goofy photos behind a curtain, they can be incredible fun, and provide mementoes of the day.

There is always going to be a lot to think about and arrange when you’re organising your wedding, and always some common mistakes to avoid. Providing entertainment for your guests is an important aspect of the day, and a photo booth is a great idea.

But what about props? Your photo booth hire in Worcestershire will come with ample props, but you might want some of your own that has some special meaning for you and your partner. We have a look at some ideas!


1. A chalkboard

A chalkboard is a great way for guests to write messages. Don’t forget to include lots of chalk and a few chalkboard erasers. It is an easy prop to make yourself too. Find a picture frame, cut a piece of 1/8” MDF to fit the frame and paint the smooth side with chalkboard paint, and fit into the frame when dry – minus the glass!


2. Hats

Cowboy hat. Santa hat. Elf hat. Floppy sunhat. Fedora. Feathered cap. All the hats! If you have ostentatiously colourful hats in your closet, please include them in your photo booth props! The more exaggerated the hat is, the funnier they are in photos.


3. Masks

Masks are a really fun photo booth prop. They can tell such a hilarious story in your photo booth pics. Pirate masks are always popular, but even something as simple as a black eye patch can be quite memorable if worn by the right guest.


4. Wigs

Aside from masks, there are no other photo booth props that can change someone’s look quicker than a wig. Fill your photo booth prop box with all colours and styles.

5. Sunglasses

This is another essential prop for the box, but not everyday sunglasses, they must be the novelty oversize, plastic, colourful and silly-looking type!

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