Get Creative With Your Your Instant Photos

Wouldn’t it be magical if you created something special to display your photos? We think so too which is why we put together this post to give you some ideas!

As well as all the props and giggles that come with it, one of the most magical parts of hiring a photo booth is the physical keepsakes you’re left with once your party or event is over.

In today’s digital world, we’ve largely forgotten what it means to have a physical memento, but the photos you’ve accumulated at the end of the night will be yours to keep forever.

But rather than just sticking them in the draw to gather dust when you get home, wouldn’t it be even more magical if you created something special to display your photos?

We think so too, which is why we’ve put together this post to inspire you to get creative and show off those snapshots of that amazing day.

Simple Photo Wall

Okay, so this isn’t the most creative idea but stay with us! By far one of the most effective ways to display your instant snaps is a photo wall.

Choose a wall and gradually start sticking your photos, arranging them in any way you like. Feel free to get as creative as you like, sticking them down in a grid or, if you prefer, just randomly.

Obviously you’ll need quite a few photos for this, so be sure to take a lot!

String Of Photos with Pegs

For something that’s both charming and easy to make, try a string of photos with clothes pegs.

Start by hanging the string horizontally or vertically on a wall or across a room and use clothes pegs to secure the photos in place. 

When choosing the pegs, think about the look you’re going for. For something rustic, try wooden pegs, or if you want your string of photos to be fun and eye-catching, opt for colourful plastic ones instead!

Photo Board

Create a photo board by fixing the photos to a corkboard or pinboard. Try arranging your photos creatively, perhaps in a heart shape or a spiral. 

By doing this, you not only show off your snaps to whoever’s looking, but it also adds a unique touch of creativity.

Hanging Photos From Wood

If you’re a bit of a bohemian type, a simple yet effective way to display your photos is with a piece of wood and some strings. If you’re sourcing the wood yourself, try treating it first to keep it protected.

Simply fasten the strings to the wood and attach the photos using clips or miniature clothespins. Hang this charming display on a wall or mirror and you’ll be reminded of those fond memories every time you see your display.

So there’s a few ideas for dis[laying your instant photos. As you can see, you’re free to get creative with your photos and you can set up a special display to create the perfect centrepiece in your home.

If you’re interested in photo booth hire, we offer this service for events across the UK so get in touch today.