Have Your Own Roman Fancy Dress Party

Most people love a fancy dress party, but while there are some people who enjoy the same theme every year, others like plenty of variation.

If you are planning a fancy dress party soon, a Roman theme may be a great idea. After all, 2022 is turning into a red letter year for all things associated with the Eternal City and its Empire.

Firstly, this year has been the 1,900th anniversary of Emperor Hadrian’s visit to Britannia, where he ordered a wall to be built across the width of what is now the far north of England. 

However, it has also seen the Roman military leader and dictator Cincinnatus, a figure somewhat less famous than Hadrian, hit the headlines through being cast by Boris Johnson as his new role model as he leaves office – though whether for a return to a quiet life or a future political comeback is the big question many will now be pondering.

Either way, these Roman references are a reminder of the influence Rome still has on our culture and if you want to have a Roman-themed fancy dress party, why not get the best photo booth hire in the UK to add to the fun

That way, you can pose for photos in your themed outfits of togas, feathered helmets, swords and sandals, looking every bit like something out of Gladiator, or Up Pompeii.

Talking of Gladiator, the film has some memorable quotes and these include Maximus sending troops into battle early in the firm with the words: “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. While it may be a bit much to imagine your party will echo in eternity, the pictures will certainly bring some echoes of laughter and merriment for years to come. 

One thing is for sure: with a photo booth at the party nobody will need to ask the question: “Are you not entertained?”