How Bosses Are Revamping Christmas Parties

More and more companies are seeing their annual office Christmas party as a chance to do something a bit more memorable than the usual festive meal and few drinks with their staff.

It’s a chance to reward your team for a job well done over the past 12 months, and for everyone to let their hair down a little. So, how are bosses changing up the Christmas party? According to an article for Business Matters magazine, they’re hiring unusual equipment and props to make things a bit more fun.

Research conducted by Rentuu revealed that the most popular thing to hire for a festive get together is the Grab a Grand machine, which offers a Crystal Maze-style experience. While it’s not quite as large as famous dome in the game show, you can still grab cash as it blows around in a wind tunnel.

Next on the list is a photo booth. Although the research specified one that’s fitted in a black cab, there are plenty of opportunities for corporate photo booth hire in the UK that are suitable for a wide variety of venues.

In at number three are retro arcade games, which are always great fun and give people a chance to have some friendly competition on the night, while number four was named as the Konami dance machine.

Rounding off the top five is Batak, another game that offers a more physical challenge. Again, it’s great fun and a nice way to bring some friendly competition to the evening.

Of course, the best props and equipment to hire will depend on the type of business you are and what interests your employees have.

Although Christmas might seem like it’s still a way off, you need to make sure that you book any equipment you want in good time. Now that we’re into November, any office party planners who haven’t already started getting these things in line need to make some bookings soon.

As well as the fun elements of festive party planning, don’t forget about the more practical things you might need too.

HR News recently reported that the likes of champagne flutes and dance floors are being hired more frequently for work Christmas parties, also indicating that more people are choosing to host their gatherings in offices or other spaces that aren’t necessarily set up for parties.

It’s understandable that you’d want to cut costs on venue hire if you have enough space in your office or building to host a party, but not all the amenities. By hiring everything from photo booths and party games to glassware and decorations, you can set up a bespoke party that everyone will remember.

And the best part is that you can change your theme each year without feeling as though you need to reuse items you bought for previous years’ parties.

You might also want to ask your staff if there’s anything they’d especially like to have at their festive get together, as this could make them enjoy the evening even more.