How Party Booths Can Brighten Your Post-Lockdown event

Planning any sort of party is somewhat difficult just now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan at all.

Planning any sort of party is somewhat difficult just now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan at all.

Nobody can be sure when the lockdown will end, with prime minister Boris Johnson refusing to rule out extending lockdown beyond next month, amid hopes that the current measures and vaccinations will bring the virus under control.

However, with vaccinations passing the five million mark, hopes are high that, at the very least, there will be an easing come the summer.

How all this might affect your party plans, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary or another special event, will depend on a range of factors.

If you are having a wedding or civil partnership ceremony, this can only be attended by up to six people under the current rules. Moreover, the guidance states that these should only be held at all if the circumstances are exceptional, such as where one of the partners is terminally ill or about to undergo life-changing surgery.

With pub gatherings and having anyone in your house outside your support bubble also ruled out for now, the best plan may be to look towards the summer and a likely easing of restrictions. Government adviser Dr Marc Baguelin has told BBC Radio 4 he believes bars and pubs should not reopen before May.

However, things may change a lot by then. Even under the kind of measures in place last year, it would be possible to have 30 attendees at a wedding, so that would make wedding photo booth hire a workable prospect, as long as it is used in a socially-distanced way, with people only posing together with those in their bubble.

If the vaccines are as successful as hoped, the possibilities for the summer are very exciting, especially for those planning parties in safer outdoor settings.

Early booking of a photo booth may also be a great idea for weddings that take place in autumn, by which time the government plans to have offered vaccinations to all UK adults.

The chance to get photographed together on a happy occasion may prove a particularly enticing prospect for all those people who have been denied the chance to meet for far too long.