How To Make An Autumn Wedding Look Magic

Many people prefer to get married in the summer, when the weather is more likely to be warm and sunny, enabling everyone to arrive in their glad rags and special outfits dry as a bone and ready not just for the ceremony, but some great al fresco pictures afterwards.

The reality, of course, is that even in summer it is pot luck whether the fickle British weather will behave itself. A heatwave one week can easily give way to thunderstorms and flash floods the next.

According to the Met Office, the summer of 2021 contained a lot of anomalies, with only 75 per cent of normal summer rainfall levels. Yet there were major regional variations; the Midlands, like most of the country, saw less rainfall than usual, while the south-east saw considerably more and the poor old Isle of Wight was more like the Isle of Blight with double its normal precipitation. 

Even so, having an autumn wedding might increase the chances of precipitation, but it also comes with some great scenic advantages. All those gorgeous golden brown colours can provide a fantastic scenic backdrop for both formal and informal photographs – if the rain stays clear.

Whatever the weather, one great way to ensure lots of memorable photos of the big day is through wedding booth photo hire. This provides a fantastic opportunity to ensure you get loads of wonderful pictures as everyone at the event gets to pose and enjoy seeing images of themselves afterwards.

These might be weird and wonderful, super stylish or just an authentic record of someone’s presence, but every one of them will contribute to the memories of a special day and using the booth will add greatly to the fun and frivolity of it all. 

Being able to get so many pictures will also be great news for those who wouldn’t enjoy being outdoors on a colder day so much, either from personal preference or for health reasons. 

Getting married in the autumn could also provide an opportunity for some seasonal themes. While it might be pushing things a bit to switch from the traditional white of a wedding dress, the seasonal orange of the foliage, pumpkins and flames leaping up from a bonfire might offer a great colour theme. 

Indeed, these themes might even be combined if the timing of the wedding is close enough; for example, if the evening of the wedding coincides with some November fireworks, the event really will go with a bang.   

The postponement of many weddings was one of the unfortunate consequences of the pandemic, especially for those who wanted to have the kind of big wedding where a hired photo booth would be most suitable, offering lots of chances to get in some snaps. 

According to a survey by published in October last year, 71 per cent of couples who were due to marry by January 2021 had postponed their weddings to either later in 2021 or even in 2022. That means here will be a backlog running through the rest of this year and into next.

If that means summer weddings had to be postponed – not least with some venues now booked up for months on end – it does at least mean unrestricted numbers and a chance to get everyone on camera with a hired booth this autumn.

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