How To Make Your Brand Stand Out With A Planet Booth Photo Booth

Living in a world totally absorbed by visual triggers means we are all now captivated by the stories that our pictures tell.

There’s a tongue in cheek joke now that something didn’t happen if it isn’t on social media. A joke it may be, but it’s definitely very close to the truth!

We all know many reasons why hosting events are a great way to promote your brand but why not maximise this with a Planet Booth Photo Booth hire at an event you are hosting?  This way you can really leverage some of the attention you’ll get from your attendees sharing their event pictures. If you regularly host events, the cost of the digital photo booth hire is likely to work out far cheaper with the natural reach of the attendee’s pics, than paying for marketing campaigns for the subsequent events.

We think it’s time to get creative with your brand guys!


A Powerful Branding Opportunity

It’s all well and good having a beautiful logo and stunning branding created, but it’s not until you add people to your business that it actually starts to take on a life of its own. This is where a photo booth can come in…

Just a few well-placed pictures with your branding behind them turns happy snappers into brand ambassadors. You only need a few of their pictures to be very well placed and your photo booth visitors will be doing all of your legwork for you giving you free exposure (pardon the pun) whilst sharing what a fabulous day they had at the event you hosted.



Experiences Solidify Loyalty

We all know that customers are more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended by somebody else even if that is only in an online capacity.

Yes, we are flooded by influencers left, right and centre nowadays, but the reality of this is that their followers have chosen them for a reason. If your product resonates with that influencer, it is likely to resonate with their followers too.

Inviting influencers or key people to events you are hosting is likely to convert far more than any amount of paid adverts will.

Not only will there be images shared of your branding but you will have created an actual experience that your attendees can share. If you have looked after these people and they have had an amazing day, that will filter through into any pictures or articles they choose to share about it and is likely to get more noticed more within its natural reach and traction than adverts would.


Digital Photo Booths Liven Up Your Event!

Don’t tell anyone we said this, but some events can be a tad boring or uninspiring. If you don’t want your event to be Yawn Central, add a photo booth to capture some of the days’ attention rather than just the corporate activities. Not only will this liven up the event in itself, but you will get to see a different side of the attendees. People will engage more – possibly even with the competition. Sitting on your main competitor’s knee is definitely going to break the ice that’s for sure!

Besides making this event more fun, attendees won’t mind coming to future events you hold too as they’ll know you have a creative aspect – no more dreading the graveyard shift in the afternoon! That sounds like a healthy ROI to us!