How Will Weddings Look Post-COVID?

Here we look at a couple of wedding trends that are on their way out, and some that are definitely the next big things for 2021.

No matter the industry, trends change from year to year, and the coronavirus has forced the hand of many wedding trends, pushing some out, and welcoming others in as we all adopt new practices to keep safe during the pandemic.

The current restrictions mean that larger weddings are out, or face hefty fines for being caught. But many couples are embracing the changes and the trends that are happening. We look at a couple of trends that are on their way out, and some that are definitely the next big things for 2021.


Buffet catering is out

Buffets have long been a popular way to serve dinner at large weddings, but few people are opting for self-serve buffets, due to the need to share utensils and the uncovered dishes of food.

For safety reasons, couples are now choosing plated dinners, food trucks, and sack lunches, and some are even forgoing a full dinner in favour of a simple cake and champagne reception.


Fewer lavish, over-the-top weddings in 2021

As well as the financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic, and the ever-changing restrictions and lockdown measures, fewer couples will be draining their bank accounts to stage elaborate, picture-perfect weddings.

2021 could see couples take a more simplified approach to their weddings.


More couples will likely elope

Elopement could be one of the more popular trends for 2021. Couples may plan small ceremonies or elopements right from the get-go, rather than having to deal with the potential headache and expense of downsizing later on due to coronavirus restrictions.

Smaller venues may see a boost in popularity for the same reason.


Livestreaming weddings will likely continue well into 2021

Video conferencing and livestreaming has become an everyday facet during 2020, and broadcasting weddings have become very popular as couples look for ways to share their big day with friends and family.

The pandemic has forced the hands of video conferencing developers, and the improved technology means that more couples will be opting to add a livestream component to their ceremonies for guests that can’t attend in person.


DIY wedding decor is having a major moment

Many couples are taking to crafting their own decor to save money whilst also achieving their dream aesthetics. DIY wedding flowers, invitations, and even wedding cakes have increased in popularity and will likely continue to be popular throughout 2021.

Saving money on potentially pricey furnishings can allow a couple to allocate funds to honeymoon travel, a home or vehicle down payment, or an additional wedding service like videography, or professional livestreaming.


Stag and hen parties at rental homes are set to take off in 2021

Couples will be looking to avoid crowded bars and nightclubs, and instead, book private experiences or homes for their stag and hen parties.

Booking an Airbnb for the party can be cheaper and more intimate for all involved. However, some holiday rentals will have restrictions on occupancy and events, so be sure to check beforehand.


Colourful wedding suits are trending

The traditional dark suits may be on their way out as there is a rise in popularity for colourful suits and tuxedos in tones such as burgundy and forest green, and even spring/summer pastels such as blue, ivory, and blush.


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