Is Charging Wedding Guests OK?

Being a wedding guest is an expensive business, with costs mounting up just for transport to the event, accommodation, buying a gift, and the hen or stag do. But some couples take it a step further and ask their friends and family to pay a fee to actually attend the reception, so they can still have their dream wedding without the cost.

One guest took to Facebook to vent her grievances about being asked to pay $125 (£99.90) each for her husband and herself to go to a wedding they were invited to.

While she was disgruntled at the request, she said: “I committed to going as soon as I found out about the wedding, but before I saw it required payment.”

What’s more, she was angry the appetisers had run out before they could eat any, they didn’t receive any party favours, the salmon they were served was “cold to the touch”, and she could only drink Pepsi instead of taking advantage of the open bar.

She urged Facebook users: “Unless you’re Beyonce, please don’t charge people to attend your raggedy wedding.”

The guest was not the only one who was shocked by the fee, with others commenting on her post that it was “tacky” to charge guests to celebrate their nuptials.

Indeed, people have to spend a small fortune these days attending weddings, and new research from AA Financial Services even revealed one in ten have even spent more going to other people’s big days than they forked out for their own!

Its findings reported that one in five resents the cost of attending weddings, with this increasing to 30 per cent among those aged 25 to 34.

With some guests having to shell out considerable amounts to attend, why not give them a special treat in the evening by hiring a photo booth in Solihull where they can dress up, be silly and have lots of fun?