Make Your 2024 Work Summer Party Stand Out With These Tips

If you follow these tips, such as hiring a corporate photo booth, you can be sure your summer work party will be memorable for the right reasons this year.

Organising a work party can be difficult – either staff can’t wait to let loose with their colleagues or they resent the fact they have to stay later and find it difficult to socialise outside of the work environment. But if you follow these great tips, you can be sure your summer party this year will go off with a bang. 

Engaging activities

There’s no point in hiring a fish and chip van and a fancy venue if your guests find themselves at a loss for things to do. That is why it is essential to have lots of engaging activities available, so they keep busy, and most importantly, have lots of fun. 

You could set up a sports day, take part in a treasure hunt, do some outdoor activities, or get staff to try their hand at watersports. 

If they are kept busy, work with one another, and have fun, the day will go quickly and they will have a memorable and enjoyable time. 

Hire a photo booth

There’s something very attractive about a corporate photo booth, as people just love to dress up in silly props and make fools of themselves. This helps everyone lose their inhibitions, particularly as the day goes on, and brings them out of their shell. 

If they were nervous, bored or anxious at the start of the event, this is likely to disappear soon after posing as a rockstar, with crazy moustaches, or in brightly coloured wigs. 

Don’t scrimp on food and drink

People just love free food and drink, so make sure you don’t scrimp on this. Leave enough money in your budget to ensure everyone gets plenty and platters don’t run out. It is also important that the food is tasty and the drinks are refreshing and summery, as this can make an event memorable for the right reasons.