Making The Most Of A Smaller Wedding

Weddings had been given the green light since 4 July, with the provision of no more than 30 guests, and from 1 August, receptions have been permitted with your guests too. Some couples may have had their hearts set on a lavish affair, meaning they might have to make some sacrifices or postpone until they can have the wedding day they dream of.

However, there are so many benefits to having a more intimate, smaller wedding, and it should not be discounted. An intimate celebration means you are surrounded by your nearest and dearest and accounts for a more socially distant ceremony, as wedding vendors and registrars are adapting and making COVID-secure changes to make sure your big day is still special.

We have some ideas to prove that smaller weddings can be utterly beautiful.



The immediate benefit is that you would not have to splash out as much on larger venues, wedding favours, catering, and even accommodation. The money you save could go towards an exotic honeymoon when foreign travel is feasible again, or perhaps you can lavish your guests with extravagant entertainment or catering.



While you might want everyone to witness your big day, not all brides and grooms have a huge list of close friends and family, meaning a more intimate wedding is ideal. A slimmed-down guest list will mean the happy couple can spend more time with each of their guests, and of course, if your families are not as familiar with each other, they can get to know each other too.



When it comes to readings and speeches, it can be quite intimidating to have all the eyes on you, and it’s bound to ramp up the anxiety in anyone. Being with those who mean the most to you, you’ll feel more calm and comfortable. Public speaking can be difficult for anyone who is not accustomed to it.

For any brides and grooms who do struggle with social anxiety, having all those eyes on you during a big wedding can take the shine off what is a very special day. Smaller, intimate weddings feel like a much more casual affair.



A smaller wedding could mean that couples have a much wider choice of their dream venues, and even the possibility of choosing unusual, alternative locations that might have limited capacity.

A smaller venue means less time decorating, unless you wanted to, and can give you less to have to worry and think about.



With fewer mouths to feed, you’re open to a wider option of catering. It’s possible your favourite restaurant would be open to providing the catering, or for a really unusual idea that will have everyone talking, Deliveroo now provides a wedding catering service.

There will still be entertainment to consider for your reception, and everyone will still want to dance, whether you have a DJ or a band. And deluxe photo booth hire in the UK will provide everyone with memories of your big day.