Party Planning Made Easy

Depending on the size of the event, a party can take a fair amount of planning and as we are all so busy these days it’s very easy for one or two vital ingredients of the party to get lost in that juggle.

Everyone wants a party to be a roaring success full of atmosphere not a damp squib, so just to get you started, here’s a few things to consider…


Party Type

Your first decision is going to be what kind of party you’re looking to hold. We’re kind of assuming that the fact you’re on our Planet Booth website implies you have a not so hidden fun streak. You may feel a little cautious about hiring a Planet Booth if it’s a more grown up affair, but don’t write us off just yet – we have seen it many a time how a Planet Booth brings out the fun in the most conservative of people.

They just needed a reason to be silly and throw off those shackles!

Is it corporate or casual? Personal or huge? Indoors or outdoors? Once you have established what type of party and atmosphere you are aiming for, you can then start to work out the finer details.


Party People

The size of the party and the blend of guests will dictate how well people are going to interact. Not everyone is a dancing queen but everyone loves a good old chinwag with like minded company. Planning ahead on how you will create some atmosphere within your setting, is going to help with just how much partying goes on at the party.

Whether it’s a small and personal affair or a much larger event, planning their seating and how you will mix the dynamics of the people attending, is going to be the first ingredient in whether they get to enjoy themselves or not.

Group by personalities and interests, not the guests ages. Just because your Great Aunt is in her eighties, it doesn’t mean that she is going to want to sit next to the fuddy duddies in the family if she’s a free spirit – maybe she’ll even be first in the Planet Booth too!


Location, Location, Location

Now you know what kind of atmosphere you’re aiming for and the numbers involved, you can choose the venues which would fit your requirements.

Many people choose their venue first and then design the party around it but we’d suggest planning your perfect party in your head first and then finding the suitable venue in which to host it.

Make sure you book it early though as many of the popular places will get pretty booked up especially at certain times of year. You’re not the only party animal round here y’know.


All Frills and Plenty of Knickers

Okay so not exactly that, but you know how the phrase goes ‘All frills and no knickers’ – that’s definitely not what we’re aiming for here guys!

A room and some people does not a party make, so let’s put some thought into this. It’s easy to get carried away because you are all excited about gathering everyone together, but that excitement is going to fizzle out quite quickly if the atmosphere isn’t quite working because there’s not much going on.

Give people things to talk about for years to come!

Admittedly the buzz will be underpinned by a good crowd, but add a great DJ or playlists to get everyone moving. Hits from across the decades mixed up with some good old cheese is going to get bums off seats, so go all out with planning the playlist for the masses.

Plan in some activities or games to get everyone engaging and interacting – you could even add in UK deluxe party booth hire…. hint hint

A great way to do this is to mix up drinking games with Planet Booth so that instead of people having to take a drink when they lose, they have to have a fun picture taken. You could even dictate just how crazy the picture will be in advance.

One game which works particularly well for tweaking is Where’s The Peg.

Adding one of our Planet Booths adds fun to any party regardless of how corporate or personal it is so get in touch with our team to book yours in!