Perfect Winter Wedding Shots

You’ll be really pleased you considered photo booth hire for your UK winter wedding after thinking of these shots.


  1. Woodland walks

There’s no more beautiful backdrop than nature itself, and woodland walks will be particularly dramatic this time of year. Whether you chose to be framed by crisp white birches, bare tree branches or evergreen firs, you won’t be able to forget the wonderful time of year you chose to tie the knot.


  1. Grey skies, white ties

Your wedding dress and groom’s outfit will look particularly dramatic when placed against a bleak mid-winter sky. There isn’t a better time of year for keeping your palette neutral, yet somehow particularly dramatic.


  1. Christmas lights

This is the ultimate perk of a winter wedding: Free decorations. Go out to the local Christmas lights or outdoor Christmas tree for your shots, to remember this very special time of year. Take shots in front of smart Christmas window displays for a wonderfully modern, urban look.


  1. All bundled up

Yes it is going to be cold outside but make the most of it by bundling yourself and your wedding party up in luxurious furs and leathers for the pictures. Your toes and your future self will thank you for the shots.


  1. Let it snow

Tricky to secure in the UK but what could be more romantic than snow-filled wedding shots. You’ll be able to feel the crispness in the air for years to come when you look back on them.


  1. Frost

You may have to get up early for these shots but a frosty walk in your ic- white wedding gown will make a stunning addition to your wedding album you are sure to be pleased you made the effort for, for years to come.


  1. Fire

A lovely addition to any winter wedding is a fire, whether it is an indoor fireplace or an outdoor firepit for people to huddle around. Make sure you pass round hot chocolate for cosy pics of your guests, for a wintery alternative to fizzy champagne shots.


  1. Sea

Seaside wedding shots don’t have to be reserved for the summer months. There is something particularly dramatic about the sea in the winter-time so see if you can get some shots of dunes, cliffs and sands into your wedding shots. Low afternoon light would be particularly attractive here so see if you can time it right.


  1. Sunrise

Again, you may have to get up early for these shots but a pale, wintery sunrise will provide stunning lighting for some getting ready shots for you and your bridal party. If you can’t bear to be outside get your photographer to consider some shots in a space with a lot of attractive natural light.


  1. Sunset

Similarly, winter sunsets can be wonderfully subtle and flattering. Plus, you don’t have to wait too long for them. Make sure you know when the light is going to be just right for you and be ready for pics then.

Have a look at these shots to get an idea of what to ask your photographer for.