Bosses: How To Host A Successful Christmas Party That Is Clean AND Fun

Many employers dread this time of the year when they know they have to host an office Christmas party, feeling the pressure of putting on a great do for their staff while trying to avoid any lasting controversy.

It can be difficult to pull off a party that is both clean and fun that your employees will enjoy – and not regret – but we think we’ve cracked it.


– Keep employees busy, not boozy

While it wouldn’t be a Christmas night out without alcohol, it is a good idea to discourage staff members from drinking too much, so they don’t do something they will find deeply embarrassing when they’re sober.

The best way to do this subtly is to keep employees busy so they’re not constantly waiting at the bar for another drink.

Hiring a UK photo booth is a great idea at Christmas parties, as everyone will love putting on silly props and having hilarious photos taken of each other. Encourage them to stick them in a book and they will spend even less time with a drink in their hand.

They are sure to have so much taking part in photo booth activities that they won’t miss a tipple or two – and you can relax knowing that no-one will get up to anything too humiliating.


– Sort out transport

Everyone will appreciate free transport after a Christmas do, so consider arranging taxis to get staff home. This is also a good way to ensure employees do not stay out after the party is over, and therefore, are unable to come to work the next day.


Start late, feel great

If you are hosting a festive function on a weeknight it is unrealistic to expect staff to rock up to work at 9:00. Instead, accept that people will not get there on time and impose a late start for everyone – but make sure you communicate this well to avoid some employees being there alone.

Although you might lose some working hours, they are hardly likely to be very productive ones if everyone comes in with a horrendous hangover. By letting them have more rest, you are more likely to get any work out of staff and the extra hour or two lie-in will be very much appreciated.