Wedding Dress Trends Straight from The Catwalk

There are so many classic elements in a wedding that work year after year – from sweet cart and photo booth hire to a beautiful classic car – but the bride’s choice of dress is one thing that can be used to capture the time of the wedding. If you’re looking for something ahead of the curve when dress shopping, look for inspiration to the Catwalks and Vogue‘s interpretation of next year’s dress trends.

First up, statement sleeves. Sleeves are becoming more popular in the choice of wedding dresses, especially after the raft of royals who have chosen sleeved gowns for their wedding ceremonies. The catwalk is giving this a new twist, with bold, billowing, almost cape like sleeves. Let these be the details of your dress and forget other fussy elements like the veil.

Caftan-style dresses are also proving a big trend. While wedding dresses are traditionally fitted, the fuss that comes with endless fittings, and unnecessary pressure to lose weight has sparked a revival in these more comfortable, relaxed styles. Just because it is looser, doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous also!

Feathers are the must have embellishment of the moment, adding light, glamorous detail over heavy beads and fussy lace. Choose as a dress trim or as a statement accessory, such as a head-piece or cape.

And, last but not least, we might have had another royal wedding in the meantime, but the Meghan Markle effect is still well in effect – in fact, it’s believed we won’t see the full effect on the high street until 2020! Simple, unfussy dresses with little to no detailing and an open neckline is the name of the game, but will be undoubtedly interpreted in a few different ways.