Photobooth Pose Ideas To Immortalise Forever!

Now that you’ve sorted out photo booth hire from Tamworth company Planet Booths, you can start thinking about what poses you’re going to rock once you get in there with your silly hats and costumes.

There’s nothing more fun that messing around with friends and family in a photobooth, and then waiting eagerly for your pictures to print out… but if you’re not careful, you run the risk of all your photos looking the same so coming up with a few favourite poses is wise to ensure your photo album looks nothing but fantastic at all times.

If you’re in there with your other half, what about doing something like blowing a kiss to your partner while they’re catching it. Or if you’ve got the space, you could even try and re-enact the dance lift from Dirty Dancing… what a great photo that would make!

For solo photo booth fans, using props is a great idea because it will give your images a sense of continuity – and if they come out well, they’d look brilliant blown up and put on the wall. Pick out a favourite hat and do some silly faces, serious looks, interesting angles and so on, and you’ll soon have some great photos to remind you of all the fun you’ve had.

If you’re in the booth with your girlfriends, channel your inner supermodels by striking fierce poses – don’t forget to smile with your eyes! And for the guys, what about staging a fake fight or trying out some film and TV re-enactments, such as zombies from The Walking Dead.