Plan Ahead For Wonderful Wedding Photo Booth Pictures

With spring almost upon us, warmer days are coming and those planning to get hitched this summer should choose now to book their Wedding photo booth hire.

With spring almost upon us, anyone planning to get married in the busy wedding season that is the summer may find the day is approaching rather faster than they thought, with so much to do.

Wedding photography is one of the areas where you will want to make sure you get things right. Choosing a skilled snapper to take some wonderful set-piece photos will be a great way of generating some wonderful memories of the day, but that may not be all you want. 

Formal photos are great, of course, for much of the day is formal and ceremonial. But with wedding photo booth hire, there is an opportunity to add some spontaneity to the day.

It is one of many fine ways to add some novelty, surprise and a hint of the unexpected to a day that may otherwise follow a familiar set pattern. Intimate Weddings lists several of these: Others include having lawn games to play, unusual food, live music, or even a bonfire. But it recommends a photo booth to “provide you with hysterical photos to cherish after your big day”.

The booth itself could be the subject of some novel ideas too. As notes, this can be decorated in all sorts of themed ways. These include mirrors to encourage folk to look ahead, a floral backdrop, a colourful pinwheel, large flowers, an Instagram theme, fairytales, ethnic themes or custom props.

Such a list is not exhaustive and you may come up with your own idea of a theme. This can also be matched up with some wider themes for your wedding, which may add further to the novelty and the creativity of the day.

Not only will this make the whole event more fun for everyone, but will add lots of great memories of the day. You may have some very formal photos, but there will also be a range of off-the-cuff, funny and delightful pictures emerging from the booth to provide a fuller and richer set of memories.