Play That Funky Music…

When you are looking at bringing all of the pieces of your wedding together, it can feel like a mammoth task.

It can also feel like a mammoth cost.

So it’s no surprise that when you start looking at which parts of your special day you really want to keep and which parts you can let go, they all need to earn their place in the lineup.

We’d like to say “Pick Me, Pick Me” as we’re well worth our place.

But we can safely say that because we’ve spent years watching people have a great amount of fun and then receiving feedback that it was the Planet Booth photo booth that made the wedding for the guests. You’ll possibly not have experienced that yet.

When looking at what is automatically included in the Wedding Ingredients List, it’s almost a given that a DJ is going to be present at your wedding – unless you are choosing to put your own provide your own music.

People don’t bat an eyelid at paying out a few hundred pounds for a DJ to pop a few songs on during the evening – you can see for yourself here how much they will set you back here in the sunny Midlands.

But we all know that there’s more to it than announcing the First Song and calling out whose taxis have arrived at the end of the night…

A DJ can be the difference between an evening being fantastic for the guests giving the ‘do’ an amazing vibe or being a totally damp squib with your guests clock watching until their own taxi arrives.

So how about we “Play That Funky Music” and strut??

As providers of deluxe photo booths to hire in the UK  we are in the exactly the same business as the DJ – entertainment. Yes, we’re not just a pretty picture – we are part of the fun too so we think we are definitely worth our place in the lineup.

But we are a tad biased of course – we’ve seen all the smiles for ourselves…