Reasons You Should Ask Guests To Cut The Cameras At Your Wedding

Many people choose to have unplugged wedding ceremonies and ask guests not to take photos. This allows the day to go by smoothly without distractions.

Weddings are a lovely, enjoyable time for all involved and spending time with your friends and loved ones while you celebrate marrying your spouse is a once in a lifetime experience.

In this day and age, it is difficult to go anywhere without someone snapping a photo or spending time on their mobile, but there are many benefits to cutting the cameras and asking your guests to live in the moment during your wedding.

Not allowing guests to take photos is a great way to keep everyone present in the moment and also means that your professional photographs may turn out even better, with no smartphones ruining the perfect shot.

Encouraging an unplugged ceremony allows your wedding to go on without any distractions and means guests are more able to appreciate all the special details you have incorporated into your big day.

It also gives a more intimate, private feel to the event. Not everyone wants their big day to be plastered over social media, which may well occur if guests are happily snapping away during the event.

By not allowing guests to take their own photos, you are more in control over the distribution of wedding photos and can ensure no unflattering pictures and up on Facebook or Instagram.

There are many fun alternatives which you can include in your bug day to allow guests to feel involved without looking through their phone screens. Photo booths are a great choice as they allow guests to get fun photos and feel included, without the need for phones.

Photo booths also work as a form of entertainment, meaning guests have a photographic keepsake that is fun to take instead of hundreds of pointless selfies to scroll through the day after the wedding.


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