Space Themed Parties Take Off!

Those looking for photobooth hire in the UK for their child’s birthday need to think about the right props to fit the theme.

Space-themed birthday parties are enjoying a resurgence, according to social media platform Pinterest.

Space everything is the title it has given to this emerging trend for galactical adventures for tot’s celebrations. Pins relating to Two the moon parties (for two-year olds in case you didn’t get the pun) were searched for 589% more times, Galaxy birthdays saw an increase of 341% and astrology themed parties of 247%.

Using these ideas as inspiration make sure you have the following on hand for any space themed party photobooth:


Star wands

The perfect prop for any photo booth at a space themed party


Space themed cookie cutters

Whether they are planet shaped, star shaped or just plain round, this is a great time to get out those cookie cutters you have been meaning to use for ages and make some stunning galactic biscuits.



Who doesn’t want to be covered with glitter for a photobooth pic if all their friends are too?


Black, blue and purple

Any props in black blue and purple are great, as are any fabrics that you could use as an atmospheric backdrop. Glittery and shiny fabrics are going to be great too.



For the show-offs, but astronaut helmets and alien hats are perfect here. If we are going to go a bit off topic maybe even light sabres could have their moment?