Take Pictures Really Worth Keeping In Your Planet Booth

We get it…

When you’re planning a party, there are a million things to consider –  most of which will have an impact of some sort on your budget. So it’s very easy to think that you don’t need all singing, all dancing deluxe party booth hire when we all have mobile phones and cameras these days which will capture your day just as well.

Well we kinda beg to differ…

You certainly are able to take pictures galore of your day, but one of the biggest benefits of having a Planet Booth at your party is that you really do start to see who the party animals actually are!  You’re given a zillion and one reasons to take a picture worth keeping!

You see people come alive when given props and the opportunity for some silly fun and it’s fantastic how everyone joins in so you capture far more pictures of the rellies than you ever would without it.

There’s none of those sombre family line ups with a Planet Booth! Imagine your Planet Booth pictures proudly on display making you smile every time you see them reliving the fun again, rather than cajoled images with forced smiles.

Add to the fun the double takes of your visitors, when they see Great Auntie Beryl in a pineapple hat and your Great Uncle Ken in a feather boa – you’ll be proud as punch and the pictures will be priceless!

Btw, if Great Uncle Ken wants a memento for his next birthday, we’ve got you covered here!