The Value Of Fun At Your Wedding

We know that when you are looking at planning your wedding, you kind of want your guests to have an amazing time but you will probably have one eye on your budget at the same time.

We also know that as soon as you mention the word wedding, there has been a wedding premium applied to absolutely everything from venues to flowers.

So it makes sense to look at the value that each of your wedding elements will bring to your special day.  The main thing that anybody wants their special day to be is memorable.  Yes, the purpose of your wedding day is for you and your bride or groom to be declaring your undying love for each other, but that’s a given anyway right?

What you want to know is that your guests are going to have a good time too. There’s nothing worse than looking at a sombre crowd not really speaking to each other, while you’re trying to do the rounds and catch up with everybody that you haven’t seen for years (where do they all come from for these weddings??).

Well we have just the answer – wedding photo booth hire!  

Yes we may seem biased but it’s because we see the impact of a Planet Booth first hand. It’s the perfect way to liven up the crowd at your wedding!  A Planet Booth will bring out the fun side in any crowd – you’ll be amazed at what goes on when you put people in one of our photo booths with some props!

Not only will it give you and your newlywed partner some breathing space to mingle, but your guests will know you care enough to want them to enjoy themselves. Here are some other ideas for the perfect wedding reception.

It will make your wedding far more memorable for so many reasons so your guests will be confirming for years to come that it was well worth every penny!