The Wedding Traditions Being Ditched Post-COVID

Here we have a look at some of the traditions that brides and grooms are now rejecting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and will continue to be felt long after all the lockdown restrictions have been removed. Anyone who has plans to marry this year or next will have had to compromise on something wedding-related, and some wedding traditions will be ditched altogether.

Whether it’s trimming down the army of bridesmaids to just one or two friends, or a slightly less hedonistic hen or stag party, or planning a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony, we have a look at some of the traditions that brides and grooms are now rejecting.


Pre-wedding activities

If planning the big day alone wasn’t enough, there was increasing pressure on couples for engagement parties, bridal teas, and elaborate hen and stag dos. Not only does it push up the cost of your wedding, but many people are seeing these events as unnecessary, and preferring to keep things simple for the sake of yourself and your family, global pandemic and all.


The ‘magical’ dress shopping experience

Brides were always under pressure to blow the budget on The Perfect Dress, with multiple visits to the bridal boutique with bridesmaids and an entourage. However, savvy brides are realising that a beautiful dress need not costs thousands of pounds, and have taken to sample sales and second-hand shops, and getting dresses professionally altered.


‘Doomscrolling’ social media wedding inspo

Social media can be a great place to seek inspirations, but couples are much more aware of how easy it is to get lost on Instagram and Pinterest and to start planning a wedding not for themselves but social media, and the contrived facade it presents. Give yourself a social media detox, and keep your wedding inspo channels to a minimum.


Traditional wedding day customs

The majority of the traditional wedding day customs are post-World War Two constructs, such as the ‘giving away’ of the bride, the fancy car to drive you two miles down the road, elaborate weddings breakfasts, and so on.

If you’re not enthralled by some of the traditional aspects of a wedding, then ditch them. Remember that the day is for you, and to do the things that make you happy.

Whether you wait until you can have all your friends and family at your wedding, or the dream wedding is a smaller affair, don’t forget your photo booth hire in Sutton Coldfield to make those memories for you and your guests.