There’s No Party Poopers In A Planet Booth!

The biggest feedback we get from our customers is that the Planet Booth MADE the party.  If you look at any of the pictures on our site, you can see that the props and the opportunity for fun are almost irresistible.

It’s the great atmosphere that a Planet Booth creates which works so well.

We have so many bookings made after a party which featured a Planet Booth, simply because of the fun it adds to what could have otherwise risked being a tad lifeless.  People love being silly – this article shows it’s even good for your health!

But back to your party – who’d have have thought that Grandma and Grandpa would love the tarts and vicars props so much?  Or that your mouse of a niece turns into a super confident pouting princess when offered a crazy wig and a wand??

It’s very obvious that the purpose behind a Planet Booth is to have a party inside it, as well as outside of it, but one of the beauties here is that you will have permanent reminders of your amazing event.  When we all take so many pictures on our cameras and phones these days, it’s very easy for them all to get lost into an abyss which isn’t really paid much attention to afterwards.

Not with a Planet Booth!

Not only will everyone be raving about your party (see what we did there??) but the pictures you will take in the Planet Booth will be so memorable you won’t want to have them tucked away.  They’ll be so hilarious and entertaining that all of the party animals amongst you will have mementos proudly on display of your party for years to come!

If you’d love to add our photo booth hire to your party get in touch!