Three Innovative Photo Booth Ideas

When planning your event, the main objective is to provide your guests with an experience they will never forget.

One part of this is providing them with a unique way to create memories. A deluxe photo booth, hired in the UK provides a wealth of opportunities to create mementoes that will last a lifetime.

With the easy ability to customise and personalise photo booths, here are some out of the box ideas for your next event.


Motion Photo Booths

Motion photos have become incredibly popular lately, to the point that many popular smartphones have it as a standard feature. It is a sort of video clip, but is exceptionally short, loops and often reverses.

With the rise of photo booths that save pictures digitally to share on social media, some photo booths have gotten very creative, from saving the before and after the photo was taken to panoramic or even 360-degree photographs.


Virtual Photo Booths

Virtual reality and augmented reality are very popular, and photo booths combined with chromakey can take full advantage of this to turn your booth into almost anything and anywhere.


3D Selfie Booths

Think that photo booths need to just be still, 2D images? Think again, because of advanced technology and 3D printers, you can not only have a photo taken of your event but an actual figurine.

A 360 photography rig can turn those images into a 3D model, which can be sent to a 3D printer or printing company to be turned into little models to provide unique memories.