Top Event Trends To Watch In 2019

If you regularly attend corporate events, or if you have a hand in organising them, you’ll know that more often than not they follow a very similar formula. However, technology is driving change in this space too, and Event Industry News recently asked over 20 event industry professionals for their insights into what’s going to be big this year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many cited augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology as areas to watch, but despite excitement surrounding these technologies there was also a note of caution that they should enhance the experience rather than interfere with it.

There is still plenty of room for tried and tested favourites, such as photo booths, too. Serena Holmes, president and CEO of Tigris Events, commented: “Photo booths are huge since they allow brands to reach people outside of the event when people share their branded images socially.”

She wasn’t the only industry expert to suggest that using less high-tech solutions appeals to organisers as well as attendees.

Keith Johnston, managing partner at i3 Events, told the news provider that he’s experiencing his clients getting “event tech fatigue”.

“Planners are sick of trying to implement solutions that are super expensive and never fulfill their promises,” he stated.

Mr Johnston added that many are going “back to basics” to make sure that the likes of event registrations work efficiently and to ensure any event website is mobile responsive, or that the app is streamlined and contains only useful information.

Walking this line between embracing new technology and overwhelming people is a challenge. It’s about ensuring that technology is used to make people’s lives easier and give them better experiences, without detracting from the point of the event.

As Christy Lamanga, CEO of Strategic Meetings & Events, pointed out, the one thing technology can’t do is “replace the face to face experience that is unique to events”.

One area that many agree technology can be used for great effect is to introduce some fun and more interactive elements, as well as to help attendees feel like part of the event.

For those hosting the events, making people feel included is vital because this will encourage them to return again and again, as well as to spread the word that it’s one not to be missed in their industry.

Leading on from this is the drive towards greater personalisation, which is certainly somewhere that technology can play an important role. The props you include in your event photo booth could be part of this, for instance.

It isn’t only at large-scale corporate events that a photo booth can be a hit. One place that they can be really popular is at an industry awards night. For instance, MCV recently revealed that it will be bringing its photo booth back for the 17th MCV Awards this year due to its popularity among guests.

This ceremony recognises excellence in the areas of computer and video games, and is the only such event in the UK.

If you’re looking for photo booth hire in the West Midlands, get in touch with us today to find out how we can bring something extra to your event.