When it comes to your big day, you want to look at your absolute best and have memories that will last a lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation.

There is a huge range of styles and options available, from traditional photography for a very timeless style, to wedding photo booth hire that can allow your guests to make their own memories.

Whilst weddings will currently be more intimate affairs, with 15 people allowed under the current and upcoming rules regardless of local restrictions.

The key to successful wedding photography is a vision for what you want, planning and discipline on the big day to get every shot you want for the album.

Here are some top tips to make it happen.


Find Your Style

One of the first steps in getting great wedding photographs is to know exactly what ‘great’ means for you. Many wedding photographers have a particular visual style and aesthetic and the closer it is to what you want in your photo album, the happier you will be with the results.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, much like with décor and dresses, so create a (physical or virtual) scrapbook filled with photographs you love the style of and work out with your partner what you like most about them and whether they fit your wedding.

There will, of course, be those who specialise in traditional wedding portraits but if you do not fancy something that formal there are plenty of other options, including ones that would not normally be associated with wedding photography.

If you want a mixture, that is fine as well, just look for photographers who are great at the styles you want.


Plan Your Shoots

Once you have a photographer that matches your style and is a good fit for you as a couple, the next step is planning the shots you want to get.

As a creative professional, your photographer will have some great ideas but in the end, remember that you have the final say on what you want in your album.

Make sure the photography sessions you need (the family set, the after-ceremony shoot) that are not part of the ceremony itself are part of rehearsals.

Discuss what you need with your partner but also another member of the ceremony that can help round people up (a Best Man or Maid of Honour would be great for this).

The plan does not need to be set in stone or especially detailed, but an idea of what you would like to be captured, as well as any complications such as family members who need to remain seated.


Enjoy Yourself

Ultimately, make sure during this whole process that whilst it can be stressful and busy for you that it is also enjoyable. This is an exceptionally happy, emotional day and the photographer’s job is to capture those spontaneous moments.

Wedding photographs are memories that last a lifetime, capturing love, family, joy and happiness, as well as what is special to you.

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