Top Tips For Socially-Distanced Event Organising

If you’re planning any kind of get together, whether for business or family and friends, later in the year, you’ll probably need to allow for some kind of social distancing.

Even if the current guidance changes and rules are relaxed to permit people to be within one metre of someone from another household, as opposed to two metres, there are still some elements of your event that you’ll need to give careful consideration to.

Sky recently revealed how organisers of Ibiza Rocks are planning to get up and running again in July, by removing the communal dance floor and instead encouraging groups of up to eight people who come to the event together to dance in their own space next to giant day beds.

Andy McKay, chief executive and founder of Ibiza Rocks, explained that, with numbers of attendees reduced from 2,500 to around 700, people will still be able to share the party atmosphere without sharing space too closely.

It’s not only social events that need to consider how to distance people safely. Corporate events need to consider what they can do too. As Successful Events recently noted, many venues in the US are already reconfiguring their layouts to allow for social distancing in future.

Among the elements that organisers need to consider are meeting rooms, seating, sponsor booths and banquet halls, the news provider noted.

The key will be in striking the right balance between separating groups of people without destroying the atmosphere of the event. Additions such as corporate photo booth hire are still likely to be possible, but without props being provided, for instance.

You could ask attendees to bring their own photo booth props to introduce some personality to their snaps, for example.